Community hosted discourse on the topic of education in the Denver Metro Area.

For the upcoming August issue, the topic is…

“Work Together to Make Change”

Consider this question: “Taking into account personal experiences as well as lessons learned throughout the pandemic, what are the most important changes you hope to see in your school district and education?”

We welcome 8 to 10 community members, to participate in civil discourse to aid in content development for the upcoming journal issue. By sharing your experiences, exploring solutions to persistent and emergent challenges, and thinking (dreaming) together about public education, our public sense of community grows while public education improves.

Spread the word to your networks and be sure to provide your correct email address. You will be contacted via email, 48 hours prior to your scheduled meeting. This will help us confirm you will still be able to participate while sending you a meeting invite with the Zoom link information.

If you do not see a scheduled date and time that works for you, please notify us and we can work with you in finding a date and time that you can participate in.

If you feel really passionate about this particular topic or possible future topics and would like to Host a conversation please visit our website and fill out the Host form so we can contact you separately.

Looking forward to engage in a safe space about public education!