Vol 2 Issue 3 -From the Editor

Working Together To Make Change Antwan Jefferson, PhD It’s difficult these days to remember why we pursue, invest in, and rally around public education. An election is just a few weeks away: that’s important, right? In fact, in a representative government, the role of the school board is to govern Read more…

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Vol 2 Issue 2 -From the Editor

Learning about “American” Ideologies, Values, and Identities in Public Schools Antwan Jefferson, PhD I was a first grader at Wythe Elementary School in Hampton, Virginia in 1983. Each morning, following the school announcements, we stood up, turned our bodies in the direction of the US flag hanging in the front Read more…

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Vol 2 Issue 1-From the Editor

Setting new priorities for public education Antwan Jefferson, PhD Welcome to our first issue of 2021. Post-riots at the US Capitol Post-2020 election Post and During the announced departures of several local school district leaders During a reality-altering global pandemic that continues to hit closer and closer to home for Read more…

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Vol 1 Issue 3-From the Editor

Adjusting to new social and educational realitiesAntwan Jefferson, PhD It’s been a while. Since we last published a full issue of this community-based education journal, a global pandemic reached the shores of the US landing as close to home as our families, friends, coworkers, neighbors, strangers. And, the long history Read more…

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Vol 1 Issue 2-From the Editor

Examining the politics of public education: ValuesAntwan Jefferson, PhD One of the things that I’ve been particularly curious about since I’ve been involved with Denver education (circa 2002) is what people see when they look at the system of public education in this city. During my years on staff at Read more…

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Vol 1 Issue 1-From the Editor

Community Vision for Education of ChildrenAntwan Jefferson, PhD This is the Denver Journal of Education and Community (DJEC). Welcome to the first issue. DJEC is a 
community-sourced education publication that reflects the viewpoints of a wide range of perspectives throughout the 
Denver-metro area. We hope that the Journal becomes a Read more…

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