Vol 2 Issue 3 -Educator Perspective

Working Together To Make Change Educator perspective By | Michael Atkins As I reflect on how COVID-19 has shaken the education system to its core, I stand reminded that being an educator and educational advocate is about service to students, families, and communities. In serving students, educators have to provide Read more…

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Vol 2 Issue 2 -Educator Perspective

Learning about “American” ideologies, values, and identities in public schools Educator perspective By | Yuri Kim                 The brilliant Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie reveals “The Danger of a Single Story” in her TED Talk of that name (2009). Adichie argues about how Read more…

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Vol 2 Issue 1-Educator Perspective

Setting new priorities for public education Educator Perspective By |  Shakira D. Abney-Wisdom   During 2020, we were faced with the reality of two pandemics: COVID-19 and systemic racism.  Both have more severe impacts on historically and persistently marginalized groups, namely people of color, independent of level of education or Read more…

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Photo By Bryant Jefferson: I chose to take this picture because no matter who you are or where you live, COVID-19 has greatly impacted everyone’s way of life and how they interact with others.

Vol 1 Issue 3-Educator Perspective

Adjusting to new social and educational realitiesEducator PerspectiveBy | Yuzo Nieto In response to the intriguing set of ideas presented in this article, my humble perspective as an educator, educational leader, graduate student and parent of two elementary-aged children is to agree with much of what has been discussed here. Read more…

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Vol 1 Issue 2-Educator Perspective

Examining the politics of public education: ValuesEducator PerspectiveBy | Nicci Guagliardo, MBA, PhD Parents and community members feel justifiably frustrated with the gap in purported values and actionable practices in the public school system. One community member stated, “the district is making decisions, but they don’t really know the community.” Read more…

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Vol 1 Issue 1-Educator Perspective

Community Vision for Education of ChildrenEducator PerspectiveBy | Wisdom Amouzou The words of Sobonfu Some always remind me that the practice of community cannot be assumed as innate to all cultures and peoples. In some contexts, the embodiment and practice of community has been perverted, co-opted and rendered dysfunctional by Read more…

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