In addition to our staff and leadership, DJEC has two principle partner organizations that support a sustainable infrastructure: a) La Colectiva, and b) Black Child Development Institute-Denver. To these partnerships, DJEC intends to incorporate Ednium and Denver Metro Community Impact (both discussed above) to develop and sustain a community-informed data infrastructure. DJEC has partnered with The Collective, a Denver-based joint venture, as publisher. The Collective utilizes a design-thinking approach to address challenges facing Denver-area communities. For the Journal, The Collective provides Operations and Production support, while Journal content development, best practices, ensuring diverse voices, local sourcing, and editing/reviewing will be managed by the Editor and the editorial team. Given its work on workforce development and education in Denver, The Collective will continue to be a key partner to DJEC’s Data and Research Hub efforts. BCDI-Denver, Additionally, DJEC has partnered with the Black Child Development Institute-Denver (BCDI) for fiscal sponsorship. Given DJEC’s financial model, which is focused on cultural community wealth and sustainability, BCDI will help DJEC reduce expenses while maintaining solid fiscal practices.